At this web site we offer The Soulon Seal Of Approval, to approved Tiger Horses. If your horse is already registered with Tigre and you think it qualifies as a SOULON, we invite you to send us your original registration certificate so we can affix a numbered, gold embossed paper seal to it. There is no charge for this award, but you do need to enclose a stamped, self addressed return to sender envelope with your certificate.  If your certificate is lost in the mail, you may apply for a replacement certificate from Tigre provided you are a current or lifetime member. Tigre may charge a small fee for sending you a duplicate certificate. Now we invite you to ride with us while we make modern day, SOULON horse history.  Ride a SOULON Tiger Horse. Be noticed!

If you would like your horse to be inspected for Soulon recognition but you are not a member of Tigre, or if your horse is not yet registered with Tigre, we will happily inspect a video showing all sides of your horse in hand or under saddle, gaiting or not. We do charge $55.00 for this service.  Once your horse has been Soulon approved you might wish to register it with
Tigre and there will be an extra registration fee involved.

Tigre has two divisions for Tiger Horse registration, ie, Royalty for gaited horses or Heavenly for their non gaited offspring. Either type is eligible for SOULON approval.  If your horse is an original entry, one that has not been born from already registered parents, and is not gaited, it will need to display “Appaloosa” coat patterns, and display the desirable pheno-type of our Soulons to receive “approved breed status.” papers. Draft horse infusions in their past ancestry are of particular interest. Check with Tigre for their registration rules. 

(Photo on the right of a typical Royalty registered horse with SOULON approval).                        



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